Mar 19

Express Yourself with KakaoTalk -

Sometimes you need more than words. Stickers, emoticons and multimedia take chatting from ordinary to extraordinary; new and exciting ways to express yourself are what we’re always striving for at KakaoTalk, which is reflected in our latest version for iOS. 

Our lovable Kakao Friends are our chatting cheerleaders, bringing fun and color to your chatrooms. So, we took it up on ourselves to bring you even more Kakao Friends! You’ll find all-new animated Kakao Friends stickers on your emoticon tab when you update to the latest version.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to express yourself with the newest animated stickers:


These Kakao Friends stickers and more will automatically download to your emoticon tab for free when you update to the latest version. 


Other updates include:

- Feeling (sick), (grumpy) or (omg)?! iPhone users can now add basic emoticons to their status message by writing in the descriptive text.

- Re-invite a friend who’s left the chatroom. Don’t let them get away that easy! ;)

- Our mini Item Store is sporting an updated design.

Stay tuned for more updates for KakaoTalk for iOS! 

Download the latest version.

Happy Talking,

Kakao Team